A better way to manage your relationships

Nourishing your personal and professional contacts is all about paying attention to the details. Capture notes, create reminders, group, tag, and set notifications to make sure you never forget what's important.  Get started for FREE.
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Memento Sync

Sync your contacts

Keep your personal address book in sync with Memento. Memento will synchronize your device's address book and automatically push any changes that occur in Memento to your address book.

If auto-syncing is not for you, you can also do a one-time import of your contacts from your device and Google contacts to Memento.  
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Take networking to the next level with NFC cards

NFC Cards are a convenient way to share your digital business card contactless, without having to pull our your phone.

We offer customizable NFC cards to match your design style or brand identity.

More coming soon...
Memento custom NFC cards
Memento contact view

Capture important details

You can create reminders for yourself or any of your contacts so you’ll never forget to follow up. Memento will send you a notification when it's time to follow up.

Some times you want to capture an important detail about a conversation, meeting, or contact.  Memento makes it easy to add notes to any of your contacts.  You can even create a reminder from a note so you can follow up later.  You can also tag your contacts in a note so you can see their profile with a tap.  
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Stay organized

With contact deduplication, you can easily merge two or more similar contacts automatically or manually to keep your address book organized.
Memento also allows contact grouping so you can keep your contacts organized.  You can even send an SMS or email to a specific group using your device's native SMS and email services.
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Memento groups, reminders, notifications
Memento zapier integration

Export and Integrate your contact data

Memento allows you to export your contacts with the tap of a button. Your exports are sent to the email address you used when creating an account. You'll get a VFC and CSV file delivered to your inbox.

Take exporting to the next level with Zapier integration. Integrate Memento with 1000’s of apps with Zapier and take control of your contact data.

Get more done

Want to create a follow up reminder?  You can do that and more.

Search everything

Memento allows you to search for contacts, notes, reminders and groups quickly so you can find what’s important right away.  
Memento search feature

Tag and Link Contacts

You can link contacts together to form relationships or groups. This allows you to keep track of people who are related to each other in some way. You can easily access a related contact's profile with one tap from the related contact's profile.  You can also tag your contacts to create segments.
Memento tags, contact linking

Memento will remind of the important things so you don't forget

With Notifications, you’ll never miss an important date like a birthday or special date.  Memento will send you both a push and email notification for upcoming important dates and events.  You have full control over which types of notifications you wish to receive.  
Memento notifications

Data Security and Privacy

Security and data privacy is important to us.  This app was built with the best security practices in mind.  Your data is encrypted in transfer and at rest.

The services used to create this app use the highest standards of security to ensure your data is secured.  

Moreover, your data is never shared with anyone.  We don’t advertise on the app so even metadata is never accessed by third party vendors.  Additionally, you have full control of your data, we allow you to export it and even integrate it with other services.  When you delete your account, all of your data is fully deleted as well.
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